Guest Post: My Wife Takes on Stephen Harper, Tries to Add Serious Thinking to My “Bugs Bunny” Blog

Top Ten Reasons to End the Reign of Stephen Harper

#10 – The Fatigue Factor: Aren’t you just getting tired of the man? Of course being likeable isn’t the point. But Harper strikes me as so consistently mean-spirited, despite all attempts to soften his image. I‘ll feel a sense of relief when we finally switch him up for someone else.

#9 – Stephen the Czar: How could someone who thinks he alone has all the answers possibly support democracy? The vote for his contempt for parliament was inevitable, given that ever since Harper was crowned prime minister, he’s run the PMO like it’s the Kremlin—staging events, controlling language, proroguing parliament and restricting media access.

#8 – His weak team: Given Harper’s my-way-or-the-highway attitude no wonder there are no stars on his team. Any trailblazer with bright ideas wouldn’t touch membership on the Harper ‘team’ with a ten-foot pole. Bev Oda? Rona Ambrose? His team is mediocre at best, absurd or destructive at worst. And when you have to resuscitate Mike Harris’s former caucus for your high-profile MPs, you know you’re desperate. The way Harper carries on, you would think he would prefer to be the only Conservative candidate on every ballot across the country anyway.

#7 – His not-so-hidden agenda: When we’re forced to discuss whether African women have the right to an abortion in the face of the highest infant mortality rates in the world, you have to wonder what new laws Harper would introduce given a majority.

#6 – His ideas suck: Where are Harper’s new and innovative ideas? He’s been running the country now for two terms, and I haven’t seen one interesting idea coming from him and his ‘team’. His ideas are mostly failed ones transplanted from the US, where they’ve already wreaked havoc: more military, more prisons and less government.

#5 – Lackeys to the US: Have you noticed that since the Harper government, Canada follows whatever the Americans say and do? We used to have some independence of thought on the world scene but not anymore. Remember how we said no to Iraq? Under Harper, we would have been part of the ‘Coalition of the Willing’ in a New York minute.

#4 – He’s killing our brand: Do you remember the good old days when everyone loved Canada? When Americans wore a Canada pin when travelling abroad? How is it that in less than a decade, Harper has pillaged the goodwill? Regularly now, I read about how Canada used to be counted on but not anymore—on the environment, for aid to Africa. We used to be seen as polite, peacekeeping, conciliatory people. Now we’re just a disappointment.

#3 – Beacon for Al Qaeda: Our role as peacemakers has also been compromised. Ever since Harper has been in government, Canada has maintained an alarmingly one-sided position on the Middle East. Harper makes no attempt to respond to issues in a measured, balanced way that communicates to the world Canada is working towards peace and prosperity for everyone in the region. He claims to be so concerned about national security, but I suspect our citizens are at greater risk of attacks since he became prime minister.

#2 – Mediocre on the economy: Harper wants us to focus on the economy in this election campaign, as though the strength of it is his doing. It’s clear we were saved from the global meltdown by a strongly regulated banking system that pre-dates him. In the face of the crisis Harper had to be convinced to take it seriously. He inherited no deficit and a shrinking debt from Paul Martin, and has pilfered it away with old-hat economics.

#1 – Pariahs of the environment: Leadership on the environment is nowhere to be found with Stephen Harper. We watch the extreme temperature fluctuations; read with alarm about the earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan; while living our lives just as before. At a time when we need to be inspired to break out of our old selves into something better, our scientists are removing their Canada pins at environmental conferences. The day will inevitably come when low-carbon emitting countries that have embraced alternative energies are the new economic superpowers. At this rate, Canada will be left far behind.

We are Canada for heaven’s sake – the true north strong and free. Surely we can do better than this.


~ by mcgrenerex on April 16, 2011.

3 Responses to “Guest Post: My Wife Takes on Stephen Harper, Tries to Add Serious Thinking to My “Bugs Bunny” Blog”

  1. Articulate and cogent. I’m reminded of these comments from a Canadian friend:

    Canada started with British government, American technology, and French taste. But it now displays French government, British technology, and American taste. How sad!

    • That’s a great line….although, if Harper gets his majority, it will be a Republican government, I’m afraid…and I don’t mean Eisenhower Republican…though we’re not at Palin/Trump/Bachmann crazy…yet

  2. Gosh, for a moment I thought you were writing about our PM.

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