Homeless Man Denies Global Warming – Given One Million Dollar “Think Tank” Grant by Big Oil Magnates

Charles and David Koch have given Chicago homeless man, Leroy Brown, a one million dollar grant to set up a Climate Skepticism Foundation at the University of Chicago.

The golden-voiced Leroy Brown was featured on a YouTube video huddling against a cold March wind off Lake Michigan and saying: “Global Warming, My Ass!”. The video has over 8 million views in the last two weeks.

The Koch brothers recognized that they needed a new pitchman after Richard Muller of the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature Project went off message at a Congressional hearing on climate science earlier this week. The Koch brothers are still investigating how their man could be swayed by actual evidence rather than financially contextualized evidence.

Unlike many Koch funded climate skeptics who do not have scientific backgrounds, Mr. Brown does have a a Masters Degree in BioEthics and blames the uselessness of that degree on his inability to find a job and his subsequent methamphetamine addiction. Mr. Brown says he will use the grant to partially pay off his student loans. When asked to sum up the perspective he will bring to the new foundation, Mr. Brown replied: “It’s a cold world, bitch.”


~ by mcgrenerex on April 4, 2011.

2 Responses to “Homeless Man Denies Global Warming – Given One Million Dollar “Think Tank” Grant by Big Oil Magnates”

  1. “Bad Bad Leroy Brown”

    Well the south side of Chicago
    Is the baddest part of town
    And if you go down there you better just beware
    Of a man named Leroy Brown

    Now Leroy’s more than trouble
    You see, he stand about six foot four
    All those down-town ladies call him treetop lover
    All the men just call him Sir

    And he’s bad, bad Leroy Brown
    Baddest man in the whole damn town
    Badder than old King Kong
    And meaner than a junkyard dog

    Now Leroy, he’s a gambler
    And he likes his fancy clothes
    And he likes to wave his diamond rings
    Under everybody’s nose

    He’s got a custom Continental
    He’s got an El Dorado, too
    He’s got a .32 gun in his pocket for fun
    He got a razor in his shoe

    Well, Friday ’bout a week ago
    Leroy shootin’ dice
    And at the edge of the bar sat a girl name Doris
    And, oh that girl looked nice

    Well, he cast his eyes upon her
    And the trouble soon began
    And Leroy Brown learned a lesson ’bout a-messin’
    With the wife of a jealous man

    Well, those two men took to fightin’
    And when they pulled them from the floor
    Leroy looked like a jigsaw puzzle
    With a couple of pieces gone

    Yeah, he was badder than old King Kong
    And meaner than a junkyard dog

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