SuperBowl Fixed by Two Socialist Organizations: the AFL-CIO and the NFL

It is becoming increasingly clear that the recent SuperBowl 45 between two iconic blue-collar franchises, the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers, was a well orchestrated propaganda effort between two of America’s most actively left-wing groups, the AFL-CIO and the redistributionist NFL. Consider the following:

  1. Members of the Green Bay Packers, past and present, have joined forces with (added muscle to) the pro-union demonstrators in Madison.
  2. The Timing: Is it coincidental that the Packers would win a SuperBowl just before Governor Walker’s austerity budget demanding concessions from unionized labour? Just after the social unrest in Egypt? Tunisia?
  3. The Absences: Where were the New England International Hedge Fund Patriots? The New York Bailout Fueled Corporate Jets? Two teams that were clearly superior to the eventual finalists and have contributed far more to modern America than the outdated and hollow blue-collar symbols of a dead American past.

Other questions you might wish to pose while educating yourself:

1. How come the New York Collateralized Debt Obligation Giants didn’t even make the playoffs? This shit never happens to the New York Off Shore Bank Account Yankees.

2. Google is likely part of this, but we don’t yet know how. We googled Google, but came up empty. Coincidence?



~ by mcgrenerex on February 18, 2011.

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